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Cloud made simple

We unlock business value through the speed, security, and cost efficiency of the cloud


Innovate quickly, be more responsive to customers, and go to market fast


Get world class data and privacy controls out of the box


The cloud grows with you, not the other way around

Go Faster

Don't let IT stop you

We only care about the business value you get out of the cloud. Your business should be able to do more, do it faster, and focus on serving your customers.
Security is built-in

Keep your intellectual property and customer data secure

Our secure-by-default approach to everything we do ensures that security is never an afterthought. Rest assured that security is baked in by design.
your customers will love you

Make your customers happy. Give them speed and security.

Business value comes down to serving your customers better and faster. Let us help you do just that by deploying world class and world scale solutions for you.
What we do

Our unique approach to delivering customer value

Nothing matters more to us than ensuring that our work actually delivers business value to our customers. We want to be your partner unlocking the power of the cloud while you focus on growth.

Value-based pricing

We make money by delivering value to your organization. Thus we charge based on outcomes, not hours worked.

Everyone is an engineer

Everyone at CloudDreams is expected to be an engineer first. Even our salespeople should be more than conversant in nerdspeak.

Picky about our customers

We vet our customers through candid conversations and deep research. If we are not a good fit for you, we will tell you.

Not an MSP

We consider ourselves an innovation engine for our customers, not an MSP. Our focus is on delivering value, not negotiating license fees.

Strategic partnerships only

We do not do staff augmentation. We only take on projects where we can work strategically with our customers.

Simple, but not simpler

We strive to build the most effective and efficient solutions. There are no extra points for flashiness.

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