About Us – Bold

About Us

We're customer-obsessed

We want to deliver business value for you. We do so by partnering with you on a strategic level to determine what business outcomes you want from the cloud and then we go to work building you the most effective and efficient solutions to realize that value.
Our approach


We only care about the business value outcomes we can deliver for you. Forget about paying extra billable hours because a project went over the expected timeline. We only charge for value delivered.

The human element

What's our secret? Great people.

We only grow our team when we absolutely need to. This ensures that every hire is a key part of the business and can deliver outstanding value to our customers.

Our tenets

Remember the human

We are all humans here with human needs. We keep this in mind in every interaction between each other.

Engineers first

Everyone at CloudDreams is expected to already be an engineer or on a learning path to becoming one.

Incentives matter

We believe that incentives offer the best predictor of human behavior. Good incentives make good outcomes easy.

Make it simple, but not simpler

We believe there are no brownie points for flashiness and fancy words. We keep things simple so we can focus on what matters.

High expectations

We believe that people will only live up to the expectations they have for themselves and those that others have of them. Thus, as high performers we hold ourselves to high expectations.

Have conviction

We believe that paralysis is the opposite of conviction and thus we strive to always keep putting one foot in front of the other and never stagnate.

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